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Florian Hamann
Florian Hamann
German & Swiss Editor
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Florian Hamann is eFinancialCareers' editor for German-speaking countries.


After many years studying arcane elements of philosophy, Florian became a journalist in the early 1990s when he wrote his first articles for a local newspaper. He then spent two years working for a German regional newspaper and a short amount of time as the PA to the head of communication at Viessmann, a boiler manufacturing company.

By the time he joined eFinancialCareers in 2010, Florian had moved away from boilers and had spent two and a half years managing the German financial website, Boerse.de.

A polymath who speaks various languages to varying degrees of fluency, Florian holds a Masters and a PhD in philosophy and history from Freie Universität in Berlin. During his studies he spent two years in Fribourg (French speaking Switzerland) and Paris. He also interned at radio ffn, Berliner Zeitung, Die Welt and the national broadcaster ZDF. After his PhD he finished his postgraduate studies of business administration at the IWW at the Fernuniversität Hagen.

When he's not writing about banking, Florian is traveling Europe and drinking fine wines. He's very interested in 15th century civilization and is writing a book: “How to convince Muslims to become Christians. A propaganda adventure in the Renaissance”.

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