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Roast my C++ developer CV: "Fintechs won't give me a chance"

I am a software engineer with over 17 years of experience in avionics and defense. I'm a pretty good C++ engineer from one of th most demanding industries out there, but fintechs won't give me a chance.

I'm in search of a new position in C++ development, but I think companies are unrealistic and picky. Just because I don't check every box, I am weeded out.

I have attached my resume just so you can review it and see what I am talking about.  I would really love to work for these fintech companies if only they would let me.

*Please Note: Names of people and organizations have all been changed to preserve anonymity. Similarity to any preexisting companies is purely coincidental.





To secure a position as a Senior Software Engineer in a team where I can utilize my extensive engineering, leadership and project management experience, knowledge as well as my education to help the team meet its goals and objectives.


An accomplished Software Engineer specializing in problem statements to well designed and thought out software solutions.  A talented engineer with extensive experience in the software development full lifecycle of requirements gathering, requirements definition, software design, software development, software verification, prototyping, interface definition and implementation as well as integration and maintenance.

An agile expert who has solid experience leading teams and successfully executing projects within budget and on schedule.


  • An analytical thinker who consistently resolves ongoing challenges, who is often called upon to consult on problems whose solutions have eluded others.
  • An experienced designer who is capable of quickly breaking down large complex problems into smaller manageable chunks.
  • A versatile leader who has successfully led teams and delivered solutions despite challenging technical, financial and schedule limitations.
  • An expert object-oriented developer specializing in C/C++, skilled at progressing from problem statements to well-documented designs, requirements and software solutions.
  • A Project Owner who possesses extensive project management skills as well as deep knowledge of the overall software development phases.
  • A leader who practices effective cross cultural-communication and a strategic thinker who values innovation as well as new and novel ways of solving problems.
  • A contributor with demonstrated proficiency in leading and mentoring junior individuals to maximize levels of productivity while forming continuously improving team environments.
  • Solid experience working with offshore and remote teams and a demonstrated experience with all phases of DO178-B/C.


Aldrin Aerospace Inc., Des Moines, IA                                                                   2020 - Present

Product Owner and Lead

Managed execution of the Tactical Guard (TG) Cross Domain Solution (CDS) application for various military customers.  Managed scope, budget and schedule to meet customer requirements.  Coordinated scope with the Technical Project Managers (TPMs) to ensure quality and timely delivery.  Managed discoveries and planned their execution to meet deadlines.  Participated in Change Control Boards (CCBs), Preliminary Design Reviews (PDRs), Critical Design Reviews (CDRs), Peer Reviews, Risk and Opportunities meetings.

Tools Used: Green Hills Multi, Ultra Edit, SVN, GIT, SEER-SEM, SAP, ISAT, Bid Master Web, PREP

  • Managed project scope and reported to Financial Analyst and Technical Project Manager  (TPM) the monthly Earned Value (EV).
  • Worked with TPM to define the team's content for each agile Increment.
  • Conducted the weekly Backlog Grooming to prioritize stories in the backlog.
  • Developed material for design reviews and presented them to stakeholders.
  • Owned and executed the agile Increment and Sprint plans to meet customer requirements.
  • Presented discoveries to the Change Control Board (CCB) and prioritized them.
  • Prepared and presented material in weekly PO sync meetings.
  • Developed and maintained the team’s Risk and Opportunity register.

Iowa Avionics Inc., Des Moines, IA                                                             2017 - 2020

Senior Software Engineer

Developed Software Requirements Specifications Document (SRS), Software Design Document (SDD), Software Test Cases and Software Test Procedures for the Tactical Guard (TG) Cross Domain Solution (CDS) application for the US Navy.  Developed custom software solutions and coordinated with the integration and systems teams to perform system tests and with the RTE to release software and documents to the Software Control Library (SCL). 

Tools Used: C++, Green Hills Integrity RTOS, PREP, SVN, Enterprise Architect (EA), DOORS, MS Visio.

  • Developed, documented, tested and delivered custom CDS software solution.
  • Documented software solution using software design and software requirements.
  • Coordinated with the integration team on CDS software testing.
  • Worked with the systems team to define CDS content for the TCTS II solution.
  • Dry Run and Formal Run the software before delivery to the customer.

Iowa Avionics Inc., Des Moines, IA                                                             2015 - 2017

Senior Software Engineer

Developed code, requirements, test cases and test procedures for the EDS ITAWS application. The ITAWS application is a Rockwell Collins software solution that uses a vendor application in the backend to compute TAWS alerting.  The solution utilized PowerPC 7447 and Embedded Linux.

Tools Used: C++, Eclipse, Linux OS, Eclipse IDE, PREP, SVN, DOORS, JAMA, MS Visio, GCC.

  • Developed software requirements software design for the ITAWS solution.
  • Developed software verification test cases and procedures for the FLTA and FLOA.
  • Developed software verification test cases and procedures for TAWS mode 5.
  • Executed Formal Runs, captured results and created the Software Accomplishment Summary (SAS) document.
  • Performed the Stages of Involvement (SOI) with the FAA representatives.

Iowa Avionics Inc.., Des Moines, IA                                                                        2013 - 2015

Project Engineer / Software Lead

Developed execution plans for the team and then managed and executed the project as per the plan within the budget.  Oversaw and manage projects for a team of 7 - 12 engineers as well as an offshore team of verification engineers.  Trained and mentored junior engineers in the team. 

Tools Used: MS Excel, Power Point, MS Visio, BidMaster, Prep, Linux OS, Eclipse IDE, SEER SEM, DOORS, JAMA

  • Developed both long-term high level and short-term detailed plans for the project.
  • Executed project as per the plan all while maintaining cost and schedule.
  • Developed multiple bids for various customers and projects.
  • Executed team status meetings and gathered status from team members.
  • Communicated the status to the management and key stakeholders.
  • Documented and presented project variances during Earned Value (EV) meetings.
  • Activities include planning and managing a local and an offshore software verification team.

Iowa Avionics Inc., Des Moines, IA                                                             2009 - 2013

Senior Software Engineer                                       

Designed and developed software, requirements, and design for IPS TAWS (Terrain Awareness and Warning System) for Business, Regional and Commercial Aircrafts.  TAWS is an embedded software solution that provides situational awareness and warning systems to the pilot and first officer. 

Tools Used: Green Hills Integrity RTOS, C++, DOORS, PowerPC 440 EP, SVN, Clear Case, ClearQuest, PREP.

  • Designed and developed the TAWS Dataload software solution that uploaded boot, operational and configuration software into the TAWS target hardware using ARINC 615 Protocol.
  • Designed and developed the TAWS Flight History download software solution that downloads and formats faults that are logged during flight for use by maintenance personnel.
  • Designed and developed the TAWS Self-Test feature that performs a Self-Test of the TAWS target hardware.
  • Re-designed and developed the TAWS VSD (Vertical Situational Display) that displays the vertical terrain profile as well as cautions and warnings to the pilot and first officer.
  • Worked in conjunction with an offshore team to develop and review test cases and test procedures.
  • Analyzed software verification Dry Run failures, initiated Change Requests from the failures and assisted in formal runs (run for score).
  • Participated in SOI audits (Stage of Involvement) 1 – 4, including consultations with FAA certification authorities, prepared various TSO (Technical Standing Order) certification documents and TSO Certification submittal.
  • Performed regular integration with other applications, identified issues, raised issues via change request process and fixed defects.

Iowa Avionics Inc., Des Moines, IA                                                             2006 - 2009

Software Engineer

Developed the Maintenance Control Pages, Maintenance Data Pages and Synoptic Pages for the Boeing 787 Dreamliner displays.  Maintenance pages are used by the maintenance personnel to maintain various aircraft systems and diagnose issues within the aircraft.  The synoptic pages are used by pilot and first officer to display crucial aircraft information during flight. 

Tools Used: MBD (Model Based Development), Simulink, Wind River VxWorks RTOS, DOORS, Clear Case, ClearQuest, PC Lint, PREP and C.

  • Developed Maintenance Control Pages that are used by maintenance personnel to control electrical power for the Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft during maintenance.
  • Developed Maintenance Data Pages that are used by maintenance personnel to view, download and diagnose data logged during flight.
  • Developed Synoptic Pages that are used by captain and first officer to ensure safety aircraft performance during flight.
  • Worked in conjunction with an offshore team to develop test cases, test procedures, perform dry runs and run for score (formal runs).
  • Regularly performed detailed software level testing, performed peer reviews on the Simulink models, C code, test procedures and test cases.

Tech Inc., Richfield, MN                                                                                    2002 - 2005

Software Developer

Developed and tested the VieTo software solution.  This was a VOIP software solution for making calls and videos using the internet.   

Tools Used: C, Microsoft Visual Basic, ClearCase and ClearQuest, MS Access.

  • Developed test procedures to test the application.
  • Investigated bugs that were reported by users and resolved them.
  • Added and or updated missing requirements to improve code coverage.
  • Used Clear Case for config management and Clear Quest for Change Request management..

Acacia Advanced Circuits, Richfield, MN              1996 - 2001

Assistant Engineer

Performed testing of hardware components to ensure performance as per specifications.  Identified and classified all the failures discovered during testing.  Fixed the defects according to the failure classification identified.  Closely worked with hardware engineers to identify root causes of failures and suggested changes to reduce / eliminate defects.

  • Performed testing on hardware components for commercial and defense contractors.
  • Classified the defects detected during the electrical testing phase.
  • Used the classification to fix the defects and compiled defect data.
  • Coordinated with the hardware engineers to track down the causes of defects with an intention to reduce / eliminate them. 


University of Aerospace                                                                                                      2006 - Present

Agile Development Process, Lean Electronics, Leadership Development, Ground School, SW Verification and Validation, Business Ethics and multiple other courses.

State University                                                                                                                                  2007

Fundamentals of Avionics.

City University                                                                                                                                   2001
B.S., Computer Science.


Languages:      C++, C, Python, ADA, Java Script, Rust, MATLAB/Simulink, Qt UML

Tools:              SVN, GIT, ClearQuest, Clear Case, DOORS, JAMA, PREP, LabVIEW, PC Lint, LDRA, VectorCAST, Coverity, Bamboo

Frameworks:   Qt IDE and Framework, GCC, Green Hills Multi, Eclipse IDE, MathWorks Simulink

Protocols:        Ethernet, SMPP, TFTP, UDP, ARINC-615, ARINC-665, RBP, EBP, AFDX, ARINC 429, LVDS, ARINC-664.

Databases:       MongoDB, SQLite, MySQL

RTOS:             Green Hills Integrity, Embedded Linux, Wind River VxWorks

Systems:          Windows (95, 98, 2000, NT, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10), UNI+

6X, Linux, Ubuntu, Minix

Hardware:       PowerPC 440 EP, Arm P1011 Red Processor, PowerPC 7447, Green Hills

                        Probe (emulator)

Design Patterns:  MVC, State Machine, Singleton, Observer, Command, Adapter.


DO-178B and DO-254 Programming Group, Aerospace and Defense Professionals, Embedded Software Engineering, Embedded C++, Mobile Software Development Group.


2014 – Patent Award - Terrain awareness and warning systems and methods

(2009 – 2022) - Submitted 10 innovation disclosures.

2018 - Received a letter from the Navy (PMA 205) congratulating my PSCS Design.

2010 -Traveled to Hyderabad, India on a mission to train and guide software verification.


Iowa community association
The big siblings association

AUTHORWalter Schrader Insider Comment
  • Pa
    27 December 2022

    Sounds like my story bro. Companies just expect experience in the past and even don't want to test my skills and knowledge ... so I just studied C++ 17 and 20 for nothing, for fan, because latest version that I use at work is in the best case 14.

    But honestly, your CV looks quite embedded

  • Re
    20 December 2022

    You are looking for the wrong job. Why fintech? Why not a hedge fund? If you are really good, they will pay you competitively.

  • JC
    10 December 2022

    This reads like a project or team manager not a developer. It uses a lot of acronyms that seems to be industry specific or are not used in Fintech. It is light on technical details. What versions of C++ have you worked on? What technology was used in these projects (distributed application with multi threaded components communicating via blah)?

    I think the initial read for someone looking for a Fintech developer is you have have used git recently, C++ at some point, you have lots of experience, and you have no domain knowledge. Translation - you will be expensive and need quite a bit of education and or time to come up to speed.

    That is the harsh view from a trading part of Fintech but Fintech is a broad name.

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