From Goldman Sachs and back again, by way of a Russian SWF

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In theory, if you leave Goldman Sachs you shouldn’t look back. Leaving the ‘firm’ is tantamount to disloyalty and those who depart rarely return.

Which makes the case of Frederic Noirot-Nerin all the more interesting. Ten years after quitting, he’s just been re-hired by Goldman’s wealth management division as an executive director and will be splitting his time between London and Moscow.

In the meantime, he’s been exploring just about every other area of finance.

Immediately after leaving Goldman, he was a managing director at Russian Standard Bank in its wealth management division for, before spending a year advising Otkritie on its IPO until 2011. Then, he set up his own private equity company and financial advisory boutique, NovEast Capital, for nearly three years. Finally, he ended up as a director in Russia’s sovereign wealth fund, having previously spent a year working as a chief financial officer.

Despite all this experience, his career path has been strangely circular. Noirot-Nerin returns to Goldman Sachs in the exact same role he left in 2005.

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