Men in financial services who have ponytails, and have got away with it

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Yesterday, Twitter was abuzz. Sweden's finance minister, Anders Borg, chopped off his ponytail. 

Borg, who was known for his signature appendage, went from this:

Anders Borg ponytail

To this:

Borg no pony tail

In one chop, Borg went from an edgy-bohemian bass-player-look to balding financial services professional.

So who's left to promote the ponytail cause in financial services? There's still:

Bearish investor Marc Faber had a flowing pony in his youth, but seems to have ditched it recently. Greg Coffey has the length, but has left the industry. Pierre Lagrange also has the length, but hasn't gone for a tie-up.

Are pony tails acceptable among men in investment banking? Do you need to work in a hedge fund or government ministry to get away with it? Let us know below.

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