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Are Women Discriminated Against in Hedge Funds?

Do women have a tougher path than men in hedge funds?

One hedge fund manager says to women starting out: "Don't take it personally if our culture still has some difficulties. There are plenty of successful and very beautiful women in sales, but if you want to be a trader, don't take it personally. Any prejudice is not aimed at you directly. Maintain your integrity and excel on your own merits."

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AUTHORMark Feffer Insider Comment
  • Sh
    Shirley Wright
    11 October 2007

    I am a 58 y/o widow. a high level medical professional. I taught myself how to trade stocks, stock options, stock splits, covered calls, spreads, etc. Do you know anyone that can use my expertise? Please let your friends know about me. Thank you. I am Shirley. Can be reached at

  • Yo
    Younger Women Don't Dance
    25 September 2007

    Women tend to work differently than men. Until there is a sufficient pool of evidence (tipping point), certain jobs will be regarded in terms of certain desirable characteristics. In IB certain traits are celebrated and managers typically don't try to put a non-white male there. However, when they do they find that women and other males do just fine.

    On a related point, NYTimes this weekend had an article on young women earning more than men in their age-group.

    Soon it will be men who will be complaining that they cannot succeed in certain professions!

    What about non-white males? Indian men have done quite well in Investment Banking but are not as well paid.

  • Ma
    Martin Sewell
    24 September 2007

    In order to attract a high value mate, men have to compete with other men for their rank in the male dominance hierarchy and this translates directly into men contesting each other for positions within organisations. There is no parallel for women.

  • Dr
    7 September 2007

    It is true that women are under-represented at Hedge funds. On the other hand, men are underrepresented in education, nursing, and pharmaceutical sales.
    Could it be possible that some jobs are more suited to certain personailty types and personality traits that tend to be gender related?

  • An
    6 September 2007

    I find it ironic that Jack suggests respect for his female boss, and then criticizes females across the board with his statement "And you wonder why women don't get equal p(l)ay." That would be an interesting study in what is driving Jack's ego.
    It is true that there is inequality throughout the industry, anyone that has been in the industry in any capacity and has any ability for observation and has a reasonable level of intelligence would realize that.
    Bottom line- as with any situation of discrimination, until we no longer have to discuss it, it is obviously an issue and one that will continue. There should not be any relevance to a person's gender, race, religion, etc. While it is true that the industry is based in large part upon contribution(s), that only goes so far.
    We all know that there are differences in how individuals are treated, for a variety of reasons.

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