Top 30 MBA programs for getting a consulting job

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It is no secret that management consulting firms are extremely selective in their recruitment processes. They also like well-rounded candidates, so it helps if you’ve participated in interesting activities, sports or clubs. Prior work experience is also key. Like investment banks, academic excellence is table stakes for entry into management consulting, so if you decide to go the MBA route, the business school you decide to attend matters quite a bit.

We analyzed our resume database, which comprises more than 1.5m CVs, and pulled out the people working in the consulting sector. We’ve then created a ranking below based on a combination of the proportion of graduates from an individual university within the overall consultant population and the percentage of people from that college who work for a consulting firm (as opposed to another sector).

Some interesting trends emerged. For example, many top MBA programs outside of the U.S. see a higher percentage of their graduates enter consulting compared to many of those within the U.S. Harvard Business School has the highest percentage (11.1%) of its MBA graduates who work in consulting among top U.S. business schools, and it did not finish within the top 10 of our list, landing in the 12th position.

Several extremely prestigious universities that are near the top of the ranks for the best places to attend to get a hedge fund job and an investment banking job, including NYU Stern and Yale School of Management, did not place among the top 30 MBA programs to land a consulting job.

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