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Intuit’s unique approach to career development allows tax and accounting experts to shape their careers to fit their life and interests

When the Work Institute interviewed a group of employees to ask what would make them stay longer at their various companies, surprisingly, the number one answer did not involve a salary increase. Instead, 94 percent said they would stay if the company invested in career development. 

Career growth is so important that employees said they’d leave their job if there were no opportunities available to learn and grow. Over a quarter stated that learning is the number one factor making them happy at work.

Of course, the most innovative and employee-centric companies already know this. 

Intuit - the global technology company behind TurboTax, QuickBooks, Mint, Credit Karma and Mailchimp - is one of those companies. Intuit is at the forefront of the modern accountancy industry and embraces change, flexibility and personal transformation for employees — the majority of whom work remotely in locations across the USA. 

Be valued and appreciated 

In Arkansas, Carla Cowell works as an Intuit Team Manager. She has been with the company for six years. 

It’s perhaps telling of Intuit’s commitment to employee satisfaction that when asked what her role entails, Cowell replies, “It is my responsibility to ensure my team has the tools, training, resources, and support needed to do the best work of their lives. I want every member of my team to know what they do matters. What they do is valued and appreciated. It is my responsibility to recognize potential in team members and to encourage their growth.”

Intuit’s core tax and financial products help clients better manage their finances and small businesses. Just as clients can move between the technologies in TurboTax and QuickBooks, or Mint and Credit Karma, the company is developing an expert network where high-performing employees can train and work across products as Intuit’s service offerings expand, thus enabling them to further their professional skills. 

Do the best work of your life

Cowell began as a seasonal tax expert, helping customers gain confidence with their personal and business taxes before becoming a full-time employee, then was promoted to team manager. This is largely due to Intuit’s unique career development infrastructure that allows employees to shape their careers to fit their life — not the other way around. 

“The amount of support and encouragement I have received is mind-blowing. When I first began with Intuit, as a tax support agent, I did not know becoming a full-time employee would become my goal. After experiencing the Intuit culture, it quickly became my major career goal. When they say ‘do the best work of your life’, they not only mean it, but it’s encouraged and supported.”

Intuit has numerous training and credentialing programs to support professional development. In Cowell’s case, she was able to earn an enrolled agent credential and the QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor. “Training is a living, breathing being at Intuit,” she says. “It’s always evolving and always improving.”

Development goals 

Similarly, in Colorado, Nate Tassler works as a TurboTax Live Manager. He has been with Intuit for seven years after making a radical career change from real estate consulting to tax. 

Tassler is proud of the path he has chosen and that he landed at a modern accounting company as opposed to a more traditional firm. “As a mid-life career changer, I did not think I had a place at a conventional accounting firm. Intuit, on the other hand, was more open to someone like me. Many of the best TurboTax Live managers and leads have experienced a similar trajectory.”

Tassler began as a seasonal tax expert, then became a lead tax expert, and ultimately moved to a seasonal manager role and a full-time employee. Tassler says he enjoys seeing his team members develop and grow. During his tenure, over 20 of his team members who began as tax experts have since been promoted to leads, managers and senior managers. 

“I have consistently been impressed with Intuit’s training and focus on career growth. I have been involved as a leader in our enrolled agent (EA) development program, which helps non-credentialed experts study for and obtain their credentials. Intuit funds this program and even pays for the tests,” he says. “I was humbled to be nominated for the Bill Campbell Coach’s Award in recognition of my experience mentoring team members. I can’t think of any other company that has a formal recognition program that rewards and affirms the value of mentoring others to help them grow their careers.”

And Tassler is not finished yet. Despite taking numerous seminars and courses on personal and career development topics, his goal is to grow in his management role at TurboTax Live. “My stretch goal for myself is to pass the US Tax Court Practitioner exam within the next decade,” he says. 

Tassler is a perfect use case to prove what employee satisfaction research has found— career development keeps employees around. He plans to stay at Intuit until the end of his career: “I hope to retire from this company if I ever get to the point where I want to retire!”

Personalized employment path

Intuit is an ideal place for those who want to learn new skills and take control of their professional growth as the company’s development path is personalized to fit employees’ needs. And, based on Intuit’s consistent ranking on Fortune’s 100 Best Places to Work list - in 2021 the company was ranked number 11 - employees find it to be one of the more rewarding places they’ve ever worked both personally and professionally. 

Why wait? Check out the Intuit Careers Page to embark on your new career journey today.


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