"If it's so easy to get a new banking job, why can't I find one?"

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According to everything I read and a lot of people I speak to, banking jobs are booming. But if this is the case for some people, it certainly isn't the case for me.

Maybe I'm too old. I have over 10 years experience in research, and I've been looking for a new position since August. Yes, it's early days, but the response I'm getting from recruiters does not make me optimistic.

I'm being told that while there are jobs around, they're mostly for junior people with less than five years' experience. They also seem to be in particular niches rather widespread. For someone who's been in the market as long as I have, it seems there's very little on offer. 

The sell-side in particular still appears to be laboring under strict headcount constraints, but will take a punt on someone with revenue potential who's not too expensive. The buy-side barely hires experienced people and is just about hiring juniors and training them up. 

It makes life very difficult when you're at my level. I'm in contact with multiple headhunters and have so far been told there's nothing suitable - although most are hopeful that 2022 mandates will land soon. 

Is anyone else in the same situation? I would be interested to know how you're finding the banking jobs market in the comments box below. 

Marco Valent is a pseudonym

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