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Stability amid the uncertainty: why I feel secure and confident in my job at Fidelity

This past year has been one of unprecedented uncertainty, and many Americans have felt the effect on their personal, professional, and financial situations. With this said, many have been taking this time to reevaluate what matters most in life: health, family, and financial stability in order to support both.

In such challenging times, the importance of stability in one’s career is more apparent than ever. While many companies have been forced to downsize due to the economic hardships of COVID-19, some companies like Fidelity are able to continue offering long-term career advancement opportunities in this volatile time.

One such positive advocate for the sense of belonging and long-term commitment at Fidelity is Larysa, VP, Financial Consultant at a Fidelity Financial Planning office in Northern California.

Larysa is an experienced high-net-worth investment management specialist who spent 15 years on the East Coast building a reputation for developing strong relationships with her clients. She has worked at Vanguard and Wells Fargo but nearly two years ago, she moved from TD Wealth Private Client Group to Fidelity — a move she says has been nothing but positive.

During the job interview process, Larysa was told it is Fidelity’s culture to always do the right thing for the client.

“There is an understanding that if you put the client first, the business will follow. This is exactly what I was looking for,” Larysa says. “I wanted a combination of being client-centric and the team-based approach Fidelity has a lot of experience with.”

Relationship First

As a VP, Financial Consultant, Larysa helps the clients she supports make prudent investment decisions. Working with clients as a partner, she can address their short-term and long-term financial goals while consistently fine-tuning their financial plans and implementation.

“I have the opportunity to develop a more holistic financial plan and immediately address adjustments as they come up,” she says.

Working this way at Fidelity, Larysa is enthused by the immense resources available to her: “I quickly discovered that our team can deliver a boutique experience to high-net-worth clients with the [resources] of a really large financial organization. The quality of research is unparalleled compared to other companies I have worked with.”

The average worth of Larysa’s client portfolios is well over a million dollars. At this level of wealth, clients are often accompanied by a complex financial situation.

“A lot of clients I work with are interested in reviewing and updating their estate plans, protecting a lifestyle, and developing income and a retirement plan. We also ensure to incorporate their philanthropic goals,” she says.

Safe and Secure

Larysa speaks about her role and the decisions she makes for clients with the confidence of someone who has an entire team and company supporting her.

Even during the upheaval that COVID-19 has thrown across all companies and employees, Fidelity, she says, responded to the crisis with grace and order. Quickly, the company executed an employee resource center and employees started working remotely. Fidelity also provided new benefits including additional PTO, access to online medical services, virtual emotional well-being support, crisis financial assistance, and resources to help associates work from home.

“Despite the global disruption, the response from the management side was reassuring,” she says. “I don't feel nervous. Talking with colleagues I don't feel anybody is concerned about their job security or frustrated about how to deliver services to the clients. Everything is business as usual, on our side.”

Larysa credits some of Fidelity’s seamless response for embracing digital solutions to communicate with clients, more so than competitors. The website, she says, is an intuitive resource for clients and internal teams use video conferencing for meetings.

“A lot of this stability comes from the fact Fidelity is a privately-owned company,” she says. Fidelity is unlikely to go through the instability and stress of a merger like other financial companies. “It’s not a concern here,” she says.

“I am just really happy where I am in my career right now. I think I have found the perfect spot and have no plans to make career changes for the foreseeable future,” she says.

 Fidelity Investments is actively hiring Financial Consultants nationwide. Apply today.

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The essential daily roundup of news and analysis read by everyone from senior bankers and traders to new recruits.