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Why the FMVA is the Fastest Growing Financial Modeling Certification

Find Out Why CFI’s Financial Modeling Certification Program Will Always Be In High-Demand

What is the FMVA? To put it simply, FMVA stands for “Financial Modeling & Valuation Analyst” and is CFI’s flagship financial modeling certification.

Who or what is CFI? Corporate Finance Institute (CFI) is a globally recognized online training provider which supplies some of the most practical and highly demanded online financial analyst courses in the world.

Why should you care? CFI is enrolling over 100,000+ students per year from over 170 countries around the world, most of whom have the same goal:

Close the skill gap between formal education and what’s required to be a world-class financial analyst.

A Financial Modeling Certification Increases Your Opportunities

A rising level of competitiveness in the job market is pressuring more and more people to complete online financial modeling courses. A contributing factor to this surge is how attractive a professional certificate appears on a resume. Employers seek candidates who are dedicated to continuously improving their skills and are committed enough to complete professional certificates.

The FMVA certification program can not only improve the likelihood of future job opportunities and professional work efficiency, but it can be attained in less than 200 hours of study time.

Is the FMVA worth it? Whether it’s a return on your time or a return on your money, the answer is yes! The FMVA program has been built by financial experts who know what skills employers are looking for, allowing them to streamline the learning process required to become an outstanding financial analyst.

The FMVA covers topics such as accounting, finance, Excel, financial modeling, presentations, and strategy. By providing a comprehensive training program that covers specialized topics, the FMVA helps students reinforce and sharpen the knowledge and practical skills they need as a financial analyst in the industry.

Practical vs. Theoretical Financial Modeling Training

Post-secondary financial education is mainly theoretical and generally lacks the practical hands-on experience required by employers. This means that many new graduates tend to find themselves at an immediate disadvantage and only partially prepared for the world of finance.

CFI offers FMVA students an extremely practical and market-oriented experience, which acts as a critical step in bridging the gap between academia and the skills required by professionals in finance.

All FMVA students receive lifetime access to all courses giving students an opportunity to review the fundamentals, build a strong foundation in financial modeling and valuation, and focus on more specific advanced topics and skills relevant to their current or future professional goals.

The FMVA Competitive Edge

CFI’s financial modeling certification is an online program for motivated financial analysts who want to sprint ahead of the competition. Designed to give you a competitive edge, the program includes advanced knowledge, real-world analysis skills, and builds career confidence.

CFI’s proven method works because you can develop your skills many times faster, and for a smaller time commitment than other programs, providing you with a personal career trajectory system.

This practically structured certification systematically covers the most relevant corporate finance topics in both general and industry-specific scenarios. The FMVA focuses on applicable Excel skills required for financial modeling, valuation, financial planning and analysis, and strategy.

Why the FMVA Financial Modeling Certification is a Good Choice

For those who have completed CFI’s financial modeling certification, it goes without saying that this designation has many benefits:

Real-world Skills Development

The FMVA program has been crafted for students looking to gain a competitive edge without a heavy focus on the ‘boring’ traditional side of finance. Instead, CFI provides a highly interactive financial modeling course that offers maximum engagement and opportunity for career development.

The seamless integration of financial theory with real-world application helps to maintain student focus and enhances overall conceptual knowledge. Upon completion of modules within each financial modeling course, students are asked to complete exercises and quizzes that focus on key module areas, helping to keep the content relevant and interesting at all times.

Convenient (100% Online)

The FMVA is a highly sought after designation and an excellent resource in developing marketable skills in the global financial industry. CFI courses are internationally applicable and can be studied from anywhere in the world, allowing students to easily balance work and life schedule from all corners of the globe.

Approved Provider

Corporate Finance Institute is an approved provider of continuing professional education (CPE) for CPAs in the United States and is a member of the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA). This membership means CFI courses are recognized in accordance with national accountancy standards for the entire USA.


All FMVA courses are a high-quality learning experience. The courses are designed by leading industry professionals who excel on their deliverability, notes, and content. Students can also take advantage of exceptional customer service staff who are on standby handling all course-related questions or issues.

FMVA Financial Modeling Certification - Key Takeaways

Becoming a certified Financial Modeling & Valuation Analyst doesn’t have to take you years of study and struggle. You can earn your certification in only a few months, thanks to the condensed format of the program.

You don’t have to sacrifice time or convenience. This financial modeling course is 100% online, designed to be completed on your schedule. Because you’ll have lifetime access to the entire CFI library, it’s like having your own professional reference resource for the rest of your career.

Online courses, especially in the area of finance, have completely revolutionized how we learn in today's competitive work environment. However, most financial courses continue to focus on teaching theoretically. CFI’s training is designed to be practical - with real-world examples - and detailed enough that you’re never lost and always know exactly what to do next.

Visit to learn how the FMVA certification program can help you become a world-class financial analyst.




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