Bad news for anyone who thinks this is indicative of their 2018 CFA exam result

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Today is the day. Sometime soon, hopefully within the next hour, the tens of thousands of people who overcame various washroom disasters to sit the CFA Level I and II exams in late June will receive their results. Until then, nails are being chewed to the quick.

Astute readers of this site will recall that last year's CFA exam results day was blighted by all sorts of problems. In particular, there was widespread freaking out after results didn't turn up at 9am Eastern Time as promised. Instead, some people received their results eight hours later than expected, by which time their nails had all but disappeared.

This year, the hope is that the results will be posted in a more timely fashion.

In the meantime, however, something weird seems to be going on with the CFA Institute's website. Fraught exam takers who are waiting for their results and posting on Reddit's CFA forum, say that when they login to the "my enrollment" section of the CFA site they see messages there saying that they either are, or are not, registered for forthcoming CFA exams. In the febrile pre-results atmosphere, the message they see is being taken as an indication of whether they passed or failed the exams in June.

For example, a candidate who sees the message below is deemed by people on the Reddit forum to have passed because they're no longer enrolled for any exams. Candidates who see messages saying, "You are currently registered for the Level X exam," are deemed to have failed because they're still registered and expected to take the exams again.

The bad news for anyone using this method as a proxy for their pass or fail, is that it doesn't work. The CFA Institute informs us that the messages appearing on the my enrollment page are, "not indicative of a pass/fail."  Unfortunately, fraught CFA exam takers will have to wait for the actual results email. There is a countdown to the results release here (presuming it happens on time). Good luck.

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[Update: The CFA results are now out. 45% of candidates passed Level II, down from 47% last year. 43% passed Level I, the same as last year. The CFA Institute is presenting individual results in a whole new way. The most impressive passing score we've seen so far is in the chart below.]

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