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How happy are you really with your pay in finance?

If you work in "banking" your friends and family probably think you're pretty rich. Maybe you are: the median salaries in the UK and the US are just £23k and $31k respectively, and you almost certainly earn more than this.

As we've noted before, though, just because finance professionals are comparatively well paid, not everyone feels rich. Financial services cities like London and New York are expensive places to live. Bonuses are now deferred over long periods and, unfortunately, it's easy to get into a cycle of over-spending, irrespective of your income.

We'd therefore like you to be as honest as possible about your pay in our anonymous survey below. We're not asking exactly how much you're paid - we mostly want to know how happy you are with the amount you earn, how easy you find it to live on, and what - if anything - you'd like to do to change it.

The survey's only short. Answer the questions and we'll let you know the answers in aggregate here in the next few weeks. Thank you for participating.

AUTHORSarah Butcher Global Editor

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