Which are worse: graduate jobs in banking or at the Daily Mail?

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If you're a junior in an investment bank, you might be inclined to complain about your lot. - All those long hours and weekends spent on pointless PowerPoint presentations.... But what if it's not actually that bad? What if graduates who go into other industries have it as bad, if not worse?

It's a question worth asking following allegations in an Oxford University student magazine that students are quitting the MailOnline's graduate training scheme in their droves. The problem is said to be so bad, that the company has begun levying a £1.5k  ($2k) fee on exiting graduate trainees to recoup their training costs.

We've taken comments from dissatisfied MailOnline graduates and mixed them up with comments from dissatisfied banking analysts below. Can you tell the difference? Maybe working in banking isn't THAT bad after all?

You can read the full Tab article on traineeships at the Mail Online here. 

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