One of Citi's hottest rates saleswomen quit for journalism

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Joumanna Bercetche was doing pretty well as a rates salesperson. After joining Citi from Goldman in 2013, insiders say she became one of the biggest "producers" on the U.S. bank's G10 hedge fund rates sales desk. This didn't stop her throwing it all in: last month Bercetche quit Citi and became a news reporter in the London office of CNBC.

Bercetche actually started at CNBC on Tuesday. As per the tweet below, she seemed pretty excited about it all and has since cut her journalistic teeth with a story about the incoming chairman of HSBC and a piece on Greek debt restructuring. 

After eleven successful years in banking, including nearly four and a half at Citi and over five at Goldman, what persuaded Bercetche to quit? She doesn't say, although the implication of her tweets seems to be that she wanted a 'new challenge.'

It's not the first time she's tried something outside of banking. In August 2015, Bercetche, who's half Lebanese and who's maiden name is Nasr, started, a jewelry website showcasing Lebanese designers. In an interview at the time, it was implied that she'd left banking although her LinkedIn profile suggests she only came off the Citi payroll last month.

It's not clear how much Bercetche is earning as broadcast journalist at CNBC, but it's almost certainly less than as a major hedge fund producer at Citi. As a reporter, however, Bercetche may be hoping to avoid the long hours associated with sales jobs. Last year, she married a portfolio manager who joined hedge fund Millennium Management in April 2017.

From the trading floor to the studio : First day at CNBC- super excited to be here! Now the hard work begins ����#NewChapter

— Joumanna Bercetche (@CNBCJou) August 29, 2017

Great first day on air for @JouBercetche here at @CNBCi . Welcome on board.

— Amanda Drury (@MandyCNBC) September 1, 2017


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