Winton's ex-CIO just started the hottest new quant fund in London

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If you're looking for a new quant fund whose employees have an impeccable pedigree, you might want to alight upon Havelock London, a brand new investment management firm co-founded by Matthew Beddall, a former CIO at Winton Capital Management.

Beddall has left Winton after 17 years and set up Havelock with three other co-founders: Neil Carter, the former co-head of distribution at Jupiter; Kate Land, the former research director at Winton; and Alisdair Wren, the former technology director at Winton.

The new business will both manage client money and provide consultancy services to funds looking to make the most of new data-driven tools. Beddall says Havelock focus on using "data and technology."  Carter says the company will apply a, "value-based approach to investing," that's "made made more efficient and rigorous through the use of technology" and data analytics. Beddall in particular has extensive experience in this area: in May 2016 he moved to San Francisco to join the board of Winton Ventures, Winton's new venture capital arm which invests in cybersecurity and data analysis companies. Havelock marks his return to London.

Right now, Havelock only has four employees (Carter, Land, Wren and Beddall). Its website is not yet live, but is due to be launched next week. When it does, it seems likely that Beddall et al will need some more - junior - staff.

Winton Capital Management is renowned for having made its founders, most notably CEO David Harding, very rich through the use of quantitative, data-driven investment techniques. Beddall was with Winton at its inception in 2001, and left on August 24 according to the Financial Conduct Authority Register. In Havelock it seems likely that he's trying to recreate the success of his former employer. Apply now and get in at the start.

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