Goldman's looking for a significant tech person in Frankfurt

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Goldman Sachs' European technology jobs are increasingly located in Warsaw. Warsaw is where the firm houses its European technology and operations unit. It's also where Goldman's shunting some front office jobs in its "strats team." 

If Warsaw is all about tech and infrastructure, Goldman Sachs' growing Frankfurt office is expected to be all about front office functions like trading. Post-Brexit, Goldman Sachs now says it could add an extra 600 people in Frankfurt (up from 200 in June). It's notable, therefore, that Goldman seems to be hiring a senior Frankfurt technologist to lay the groundwork for its future expansion.

The firm has posted an advert on its own site for for some to run its Frankfurt technology platform. Although only at vice president/executive director level, the role in question is for a head of the platform in Frankfurt, and includes managing a team of engineers working on instant messaging and voice platforms for traders (as well as more pedestrian things like Microsoft Office) in its specification. Is Goldman preparing for a new Frankfurt trading platform?

Goldman didn't immediately respond to a query about the new role. As we reported previously, the firm already has space for hundreds of new people in empty floors at the top of the MesseTurm skyscraper in Frankfurt.

Most of the new jobs Goldman's advertised in Frankfurt since the Brexit referendum have been for compliance and regulation staff to help prepare the new office. If and when jobs are created in Frankfurt, it's expected that London staff will first be given the opportunity to move to Frankfurt and that people will be hired on the ground if they decline. Average pay at Goldman Sachs in London is 13% higher than in the German city.

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