These are the universities and subjects most likely to land a high paying job

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Top UK graduates are now much less likely to choose an investment banking career, and those from the London School of Economics - which has been the biggest feeder school for financial services in the City for years - are increasingly considering other options.

But there's still a good reason for students to choose to study at the universities most likely attract investment banks and hedge funds, as well as studying the subjects most likely to land you the job - you'll earn more money. Students from the LSE earned an average of £38k in their first two years of their career, according to new figures from City University, which teaches a large number of financial services related courses and has close links with financial services organisations in London, came in second with an average of £36k.

Cambridge, Oxford, Bath, Edinburgh, Durham, Warwick, Imperial College London and Loughborough - all target universities for the big investment banks - make up the top ten. Meanwhile, economics, engineering, management and strategy, mathematics and statistics, or the computer sciences graduates can expect to earn the most in the early years of their career. Those who studied English literature and fine arts earn far less on average.



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