If you want to work for a hedge fund, you should really be at this pool party on Wednesday evening

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If you aspire to work for the alternative asset management industry, there is really only one place to be this week: the Sky Bridge Alternatives Conference (SALT Conference) in Las Vegas. The annual hedge fund hoedown starts tomorrow and finishes Friday.

Attendees have historically been indulged with scantily clad women on stilts playing violins. This year they'll be treated to Duran Duran as well as a "conversation" with former UK Prime Minister David Cameron and a discussion on the future of American politics with Jeb Bush.

The primary purpose of SALT, however, is networking. And the best place for networking during the conference is by the pool in the Bellagio Hotel. It's here that attendees will schmooze along to the Gypsy Kings on Wednesday evening. It's also here that they'll participate in the after-party on Friday.

If you're trying to inveigle your way into a hedge fund job, the Bellagio pool is therefore probably the place to do it. There are around 430 investment firms attending SALT this year and many of their representatives will be getting down by the water in two days' time. The only bad news is that tickets cost $9k+. At this stage, they are also completely sold out.  Maybe next year?

Meanwhile, here we have a shot taken by the Bellagio pool at a previous SALT event.

Bellagio 3

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