HSBC’s head of EM credit strategy is a secret spirituality guru

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Are you an investment banker who neither loves themselves or their body? HSBC’s head of emerging market credit strategy, Mariya Gancheva, is here to help.

Gancheva, who has combined her investment banking job with her own online ‘yoga and lifestyle platform’ for the past seven years, has just released a new book that combines yoga, detox and spirituality. Gancheva describes the book as “game-changing”, which encourages “nutrition, yoga and the journey to falling in love with oneself”.

“After ten years of intriguing research, I give my readers a yogic detox inspired by ancient practices that work,” she said. “In the book, I describe practical ways to honor the body, listen to it, and to allow it to restore its natural health. This is not a quick fix; it's more about doing everything with awareness; a practice I do myself as a busy full-time investment banker."

Gancheva has worked at HSBC since October 2014 as head of emerging market credit strategy, moving from Mitsubishi UFJ Securities where she was a EM credit analyst. However, for since late 2010 she’s been running Kundalini Lounge, which claims to offer regular Kundalini Yoga classes in both the City of London and in Mayfair,  home to the majority of the UK’s hedge funds.

Most investment banks now offer mindfulness classes to their employees, and encourage resilience among their staff to deal with the stresses of the high-pressure job. Gancheva offers something more.

Kundalini Yoga has a spiritual edge – it incorporates meditation and the chanting of mantras, such a ‘Sat Nam’, meaning “truth is my identity” – as well as more typical movement and breathing techniques.

"You will engage with a yoga practice specifically designed to stimulate the detox process, realign the organs, fire up your metabolism, and support youthfulness,” added Gancheva.

You can find the book, "Detox: with Green Diet and Kundalini Yoga: The 40 Day Program for Cleansing, Weight-loss and Radiance" on Amazon.



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