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Morning Coffee: Where inexperienced 20 year olds can earn $8k a month. A new take on the hipster office - peace and quiet

If you're 18-20, looking for an all-expenses paid internship that will also offer a pro rata salary higher than most jobs pay after 10 years' experience, then investment banking was the place to be. The pay off for a 'real' salary was, of course, brutal hours, fetching coffee and a gladiatorial battle with your fellow interns. But, hey, $5k a month.

Now, the financial sector has a lot of competition for intern pay, and it's largely coming from Silicon Valley. Facebook pays its interns $8k a month, Microsoft pays over $7k and even energy company ExxonMobile offers around $6.5k, according to a Glassdoor ranking cited in Bloomberg.

You have to look a long way down the list before a finance firm pops up, and even then it's on the buy-side. BlackRock - which pays a mere $5k or so. Deutsche Bank is the highest paying bank, suggest the figures with median monthly pay of $4,640, while Bank of America offered. $4,570.

Glassdoor's figures for banks may be a little on the low side, however. Our own research of the site's figures around this time last year suggested Citigroup was the highest paying bank, with an average of $6.7k per month for its summer interns in New York specifically, but every investment bank paid over $5k. The average salary in the U.S. is around $4k a month.

Separately, Blackstone is the latest financial services organisation to shake-up its workspaces for hip young tech professionals, but there's not a foosball table in site. Instead, what young technologists really want from an office is...quiet and comfort. There is a pool table, but Blackstone says that it's primary focus is to "make the space feel like home". Just with lots of chrome and huge screens everywhere.


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How to become a top banker in China: "The Chinese are generally quiet and humble. If you think you are ten, you tend to be conservative, offer a discount and say you are eight." (SCMP)


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