Meet the equities hedge fund hiring associates from Goldman Sachs and UBS

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If you're a junior banker looking to move to a hedge fund, you might want to give Alvaro Ventosa a call. The veteran hedge fund manager set up Alvento Capital, a long/short equity fund focused on utilities, renewables, infrastructure and energy back in 2015. In the past month, he's been hiring new staff from investment banks.

Ventosa just recruited Jon Puckhaber, a former associate in the financial institutions group (FIG) at Goldman Sachs. Puckhaber's joining as a senior equities analyst.

Ventosa also hired Hugo Liebart, a former associate director at UBS. Liebart was an equity researcher covering the utilities sector and UBS's lead on renewable stocks. He joins Alvento as a senior analyst.

Before setting up Alvento, Ventosa was one of the founding partners at Cygnus Asset Management and a former adviser at CF Partners, a trading house and asset manager also focused on the energy sector. Several former CF employees also joined Alvento, including Nicholas Frolich, the former head trader at CF and now head trader at Alvento.

Alvento's only publicly available accounts, for the year ended 31 March 2016, show a turnover of £874k and a profit of £192k distributed among seven partners. At that stage, it wasn't exactly one of the best paying hedge funds in London, therefore.


Photo credit: hedge door by Helen Cook is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

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