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This fintech firm is hiring quant researchers, data scientists and developers

Quant research, data science and tech development talent are the apple of ITG's eye.

In fintech terms, ITG is a big company. It employs over 960 people globally, and the firm – which provides data analytics and trading algorithms for brokers and asset managers – is looking to hire more quants and big data experts before the end of 2017.

ITG has plans to hire another 40 people across sales, technology and product management and has been targeting junior, midcareer and even some senior people at investment banks, as well as recent graduates. It recently hired ex-Morgan Stanley managing director Robert Ferstenberg as the global head of quantitative research and execution analytics.

In 2016, ITG hired more than 130 people globally, mostly in technology roles, including around 30 straight out of university. The company currently has 27 people in the pipeline scheduled to start between now and the summer, 18 of whom are on the technology side, primarily developers. ITG looks for software developers who are familiar with a number of programming languages, including C#, C++ and Python.

“Absolutely technology and development will continue to be in demand – no question,” said Peter Goldstein, the global head of human resources at ITG. “Right now, we are actively recruiting to fill 39 roles, most of which are on the technology and development side."

Quant researchers and data science pros wanted

Members of its quantitative research team generally have advanced degrees in a scientific field including financial econometrics or economics, operations research or applied math, and computer science.

“They must be capable of independently performing research with a high degree of rigor,” Goldstein said.

There are plenty of career opportunities in this space at the moment, and they will likely continue to grow over time.

“Building up technology and development skills, coupled with strong interpersonal and communication skills, is a winning combination,” Goldstein said.

Photo credit: peterhowell/GettyImages

AUTHORDan Butcher US Editor

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