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Former recruiter becomes derivatives VP at Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs recently promoted its new class of vice presidents (VPs).  Among their number was a former associate with an atypical background: before joining Goldman Sachs in January 2015 he spent nearly two years at UK finance recruitment firm Aston Carter.

Nowadays, Andrew Pinnington doesn't even work in recruitment at Goldman: he's a VP in derivatives regulatory operations, focusing on things like MiFID II and EMIR.

So, how do you go from recruiter to regulatory expert? In Pinnington's case, he quit recruitment (where we suspect he was helping to fill regulatory roles) for consultancy firm Elixirr. After two years at Elixirr, he moved to Goldman as an associate. Now he's a VP there.

Pinnington could be an inspiration to other recruiters with an inclination to do the jobs they're hiring for. His own transition out of recruitment may have been smoothed by a secret weapon however: Pinnington has a first class degree in social and political sciences from Cambridge University. How many other people in the recruitment industry have the same?


AUTHORSarah Butcher Global Editor
  • Ed
    Edward de Hunt
    10 January 2017

    Quite a few but always said they were wasted as a HH.

  • M
    10 January 2017

    Fair play to him, and all the best in his career.... but the title is slightly misleading.

    first of all he is not in derivatives. he is a VP in operations . secondly he worked for two years at a consultancy (which is quite a normal stepstone in between recruitment and having your client hiring you ) and he joined GS as consultant. MIFID operations are some of the most sought after consultant in operations... but give you zero visibility within Goldman or any bank. However he is on track to become partner at a big consultancy firm like KPMG or Accenture with his current resume

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