Capula Investment Management paid someone £34m

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Even in hedge funds there are haves and (comparative) have nots. Capula Investment Management is a case in point.

The London hedge fund has just released its accounts for the 12 months ending March 2016. Someone there got paid £34m. Another 26 people got paid an average of £3.9m. Meanwhile, a further 90 people at Capula Investment Services received an average of £317k.

Capula doesn't say who got the £34m, but it seems reasonable to assume that it would have been Masao Asai or Yan Huo, the fund's co-chief executives and co-founders. The recipients averaging £3.9m each were the firm's 26 other partners. And the 90 people averaging £317k were all the non-partner traders and analysts and the support staff.

Capula is paying more than before. Last time it reported, partners averaged £3.1m and the highest paid partner got £22m. Employees at Capula Investment Services were on £303k.

Capula's generosity should be of interest to traders in investment banks, whom it has a habit of hiring.  Capula employs a relative value strategy. Its main fund - the Capula Global Relative Value Master Fund - seeks to exploit anomalies in pricing across macro products. Profits at Capula Investment Management rose 40% in the year to March 2016, while those at Capula Investment Services rose by 12%.

Capula added four people to its London registered staff last year according to the Financial Conduct Authority Register. It may yet add more in 2017: it's preparing to move into big new offices overlooking Buckingham Palace. 


Photo credit: Buckingham Palace, London, England by dconvertini is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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