Six months after leaving J.P. Morgan, an MD has his own LinkedIn-style yoga site

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As we noted earlier this week, there aren't many jobs for experienced equities sales and trading professionals nowadays. Banks mostly want to hire cheap analysts and associates to work with "low touch clients", along with a few experienced vice presidents who can do the jobs of managing directors at a fraction of the cost.

This might be why Ruediger W. Rohner has quit banking and gone over to yoga instead. 

For 10 years, between 2006 and 2016, Rohner worked as a credit salesman to German-speaking clients. His first three years were in Frankfurt, the other seven in the City of London - latterly as a managing director at J.P. Morgan.

Rohner left J.P.M in May, and now he runs TINTyoga, a kind of networking site for yoga enthusiasts. You can use the site to meet yogis, all of whom look far more healthy and supple than anyone in banking.

Yoga-after-banking is not unheard of. Erika Shapiro, a former Goldman Sachs fixed income saleswoman, is now a yoga instructor in London, while Alexandra Prigent-Labeis, a former Goldman ED now teaches 'body intelligence.' Laurence Manchee, a former operations and data governance professional who spent nine years working at Credit Suisse, now runs his own "sustainable yoga farm" in Portugal for people looking to detox from City life.  If you've worked in equities and happen to find yourself out of the market, you can always go and volunteer for Manchee - the details are here.

Rohner says his time in banking has segued nicely into his new career on yoga: " the majority of my my skills from investment banking are transferable even into the world of yoga: an international attitude, ability to listen, eagerness to develop new skills and a passion for what you do that fits our company credo. -  Do or do not - there is no try!"


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