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If you're a person of culture who likes the finer things in life (poetry, philosophy, classical music, the dramatic arts), banking might not be for you. If it is, you might want to work at Morgan Stanley. There, however you might also find yourself outnumbered by 'jocks' who like sport.

So says our analysis of the public profiles of employees at nine major banks, and what they do in their spare time.

As the chart below shows, the very vast majority of people in banking like neither the finer things in life nor sport - or at least are not saying so on their publicly visible CVs. This might be because banking is a famously all-consuming career and downtime is limited. At most banks, fewer than 2% of employees claim an interest in the cultural activities listed above, and fewer than 4% claim an interest in sport or football. The exception being Deutsche Bank, where a full 5.2% of staff can be ascribed jock status.

Notably, though, it's only at Goldman Sachs where the minute proportion of jocks are outnumbered by the minute proportion of people with an interest in 'cultural activities.' Strangely, and contrary to national stereotype, there's not much in the way of high culture going down at the French banks.

Is this significant? Probably not, but it's worth bearing in mind if you happen to be a structured credit trader who writes poetry on the side.


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