Will Blockchain steal your banking job soon? A chart

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Blockchain is coming. According to Morgan Stanley, it's properly coming from 2020 but will start making itself felt in 2017. Next year, Morgan Stanley says banks will start using Blockchain to "reduce costs with fewer heads and increased mutualization of infrastructure costs." Sounds ominous.

So, which jobs will be affected? You can see Morgan Stanley's chart on the subject here. Alternatively, Capgemini's new World Fintech Report 2017 provides another perspective on Blockchain's incursion into banking jobs, as shown in the chart below.

If Capgemini's right, the people with the most to lose the soonest from Blockchain are in clearing and settlements and payment authorization. Sometime later, Blockchain might come for trade finance jobs, and one day in the very distant future it might come for syndicated loans.

Blockchain kill banking jobs

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