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9 people who'll be on the 2016 Goldman Sachs partner list (we suspect)

If Goldman bankers had more than just the partner beard

Any day now, it will occur: Goldman Sachs will announce its latest list of partner promotions. Plenty of partners have left Goldman in the past 12 months, so in theory there should be plenty of people promoted into their places. Then again, partners don't come cheap, so Goldman may yet decide to keep its partner promotions even tighter than the 78 people it promoted the last time in 2014.

Either way, we suspect that if the following names aren't on the list, there will be considerable disappointment.

1. Grant Eldred 

Who is he? He's global head of human capital management for the infrastructure division.

Why's he so special? Eldred's been in Goldman's HCM division since 2006 and was promoted to MD in 2010, meaning he's now in the zone for a partner promotion. Eldred ran human capital at Goldman's huge Bangalore office until May 2016. Then he was promoted to global head of human capital for infrastructure (the 'Federation' in Goldman parlance) and head of human capital in India. This is a big deal because infrastructure, which includes tech, is where all the growth is.  Eldred's responsible for well over half of Goldman's staff and really ought to be a partner, but.... he's in human capital and he's responsible for infrastructure, so he might be passed over.

Chance of promotion? 50%.

2. Asita Anche

Who is she? Asita Anche is a managing director in Goldman's quantitative and algorithmic trading team.

Why's she so special? Goldman hired Anche as a managing director aged just 28 in 2010. Prior to that she worked for hedge funds Millennium Capital and Citadel Investment Group. At Goldman, Anche's role is to design algorithms that will trade fixed income products (initially she was working in Goldman's proprietary trading group, but we suppose she's working on algorithms that will advantage clients now that prop trading's banned). After five years as an MD, Anche is in the partner promotion zone. She also has the advantage of being a woman, and Goldman needs to be seen to promote female partners.

Chance of promotion: 65%

3. Carey Halio 

Who is she? Carey Halio is chief financial officer of Goldman Sachs in the U.S.A.

Why's she so special? Halio is CFO. As such, she's responsible for Goldman's U.S. resolution plan and its stress test submissions to regulators. That's a big deal. She was promoted to MD in 2009 and made CFO in 2014, so a promotion is about due...Then again, Halio's not a revenue generator.

Chance of promotion. 70%

4. Alvaro Camara

Who is he? Alvaro Camara is head of financial institutions group (FIG) structuring at Goldman Sachs International.

Why's he so special? Goldman poached Camara from Bank of America Merrill Lynch six years ago. If he's going to make partner, this is surely the year for it. FIG structurers are in demand as European banks restructure their balance sheets and Camara is running this business for Goldman in Europe.

Chance of promotion: 70%.

5. Michele Titi-Cappelli

Who is he? Michele Titi-Cappelli is responsible for managing Goldman's investments in southern Europe in its principal investments unit.

Why's he so special? Titi-Capelli was promoted to MD in 2012 and is therefore in the zone for elevation to partner. Goldman will want to ensure it has a safe pair of hands running its southern European investments as we go into the Italian referendum and election years in key Eurozone countries. On the other hand, it might decide and see how Titi-Cappelli's investments fare before promoting him...

Chance of promotion: 50%

6. Tom Jessop 

Who is he? Tom Jessop runs Goldman's 'Technology Business Development Unit' in New York City.

Why's he so special? Goldman is a big investor in fintech initiatives and Jessop - who's been an MD since 2008 - is spearheading this. Investing in fintech start-ups and using that technology to improve the way banks function is the way of the future. Jessop - who was promoted to head the unit in January - is Goldman's man in charge. He even has the 'partner beard.'

Chance of promotion: 75%

7. Peter Sheridan

Who is he? Peter Sheridan is head of U.S. algorithmic trading, sales and coverage at Goldman.

Why's he so special: After being promoted to MD in 2011, Sheridan is in the partner zone. He joined Goldman from Morgan Stanley in 2005 and will be heavily ensconced in Goldman's attempts to gain market share from improving its electronic trading business.

Chance of promotion: 65%

8. Jason Broder 

Who is he? Jason Broder is head of private investor products at Goldman Sachs in the Americas.

Why's he so special? Broder is key to keeping Goldman's private investor clients happy in a year when American interest rates are likely to rise and the accepted reality is likely to change. Promoted to MD in 2011, he's been key to developing new thematic index products to offer to Goldman's clients. 

Chance of promotion: 60%.

9. Lisa Mantil

Who is she? Lisa Mantil is head of distribution for electronic trading at Goldman in the Americas.

Why's she so special? Mantil is tasked with bringing clients to Goldman's all-important electronic trading systems. She's been in the role since January, but was promoted to MD in 2009.

Chance of promotion: 70%



AUTHORSarah Butcher Global Editor
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    28 June 2017

    None of them made Partner

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