These five senior bankers have just made the switch into fintech

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In case you're wondering if the whole moving from investment banking to fintech trend is a bit 2015, it's worth noting that senior bankers are still leaving the industry to pursue their start-up ambitions. Some are even doing so in London, despite suggestions that the City's future as a fintech hub is threatened by Brexit.

These are senior financiers to go it alone in the past few weeks - and not always in the most obvious ways.

Chris Bush, from a Goldman Sachs MD to alternative finance platform, London

Chris Bush worked at Goldman Sachs from 2007 until October this year and was promoted to managing director in 2011. Before this, he spent 14 years working for Lehman Brothers. As of October, he's the CEO of a fintech start-up called Shogo, which we understand is set to become a loans, alternative finance and online portfolio management platform, but this is in the (very) early stages of development.

Rob McGrath, from global head of trading at Schroders to fintech consultancy, New York 

Rob McGrath left Schroders in New York as part of the broader shake-up of its trading team that led many senior executives to depart earlier this year. Trading roles, even on the buy-side, are becoming increasingly technology led and McGrath has moved from leading a team of 38 traders globally to running a fintech advisory firm as the only current employee. McGrath is at the helm of ZigIQ, which offers fintech advisory services to start-ups.

Matthias Rasmussen, from Goldman Sachs FIG banker to stock analysis tool, London

Rasmussen worked at Goldman Sachs for over ten years before his departure in May this year. For the latter part of his career there, he was a financial institutions group investment banker and focused on companies within the technology sector. Exposure to peer to peer lenders and payments companies is a good grounding if you want to branch out into fintech as an entrepreneur. His as-yet-unnamed fintech start-up will focus on portfolio management and stock analysis for individuals. It's due to launch in the first part of 2017.

Adrien Choquet, from HSBC FIG banker to Fintech-focused boutique investment bank, Paris

Call it a sign of maturity in the industry, but when an experienced FIG banker joins a new investment bank focused on fintech M&A, you know some consolidation is coming. Choquet worked as a FIG investment banker for HSBC in Paris for two years after moving there from Nomura in London. He's now started AEC Fintech, a new branch of a boutique investment bank owned by veteran investment banker Stéphane Olmi. It will advise on M&A, capital raising and valuations. 

Toby Triebel, from private equity to a serial fintech entrepreneur, London and Berlin

OK, so Triebel left his private equity role in 2014 to found Spotcap, a Berlin-based alternative lender, but the business that he built up over the past two years is in new hands. Triebal left his role as Spotcap's CEO in September and as of last month is back in London as the CEO of a new, currently under wraps, fintech firm in the UK capital.


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