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Morning Coffee: A powerful letter from a refugee seeking an analyst job. The ‘cancer’ killing hedge funds

Sometimes a compelling personal history can trump a lack of traditional qualifications.

Most recruiters are used to reading cookie-cutter cover letters that lack personality. However, the unsolicited letter of interest that boutique investment shop Broyill Asset Management received from Jay, a refugee who escaped a secret military prison camp in civil-war-torn Sri Lanka, doesn't fall into that category.

Jay’s letter is extraordinary because it starts and ends by stating his desire to join the North Carolina-based registered investment adviser as a junior analyst, but in between recites his remarkable personal history in a matter-of-fact tone, which makes it that much more impactful.

After acknowledging that he does not have the typical profile of an investment analyst, Jay shares the details of his astounding story, starting with his childhood in Sri Lanka:

“The longstanding civil war (which had been waging since 1983) began to escalate while I was in high school. In response to the rape of female students by military officers, I began organizing nonviolent demonstrations beginning in 2004. These protests evolved into 150,000 people rallies against the militarization of the Sri Lankan government.

“Seeking to quell protests, I was kidnapped and interred in a secret concentration camp located in the northern part of the country in 2006. Peers in the camp were blindfolded and executed. Sensing that I was going to be killed as well, thirteen weeks into the incarceration, I escaped from the camp and had to find a means to flee the country, alone, at age 19. In hiding, with no internet or other outside access to the world, I self-studied for the SAT and SAT II Subject Tests (Math Level 2, Physics, and Chemistry), motivated to secure a student visa with admission to a university in the United States…. I subsequently received a student visa and graduated with a degree in Engineering. I have also since received a green card.”

While Broyill isn’t hiring at this time, if the letter goes viral or at least gets in front of the right person, Jay should be working as a junior analyst in no time.

Separately, the $2.9 trillion hedge fund industry has generated average annual returns of 2% over the past three years, which is significantly below the three-year returns of most low-cost index-tracking funds, Bloomberg reported.

Those disappointing returns – and the downward fee pressure and $51.5bn in redemptions over the first nine months of this year stemming from them – have led many hedge fund managers to experience an existential crisis, wondering if they will ever be able to generate the level of profits that made so many of them fabulously wealthy.

Around 530 hedge funds – including high-profile firms such as Chesapeake Partners Management and Nevsky Capital – went under in the first six months of the year, which was on pace for the most closures since 2008. Perry Capital, one of the oldest hedge funds in the world, liquidated last month.

Some hedge fund managers have equated the industry’s current malaise to a slowly spreading cancer, with one founder saying that half of the 8,400 existing funds will have to bite the dust for surviving firms to return to profitability again.


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Photo credit: SasinParaksa/GettyImages

AUTHORDan Butcher US Editor
  • Sh
    Shanti Singh
    24 October 2016

    This is awesome-- as a career coach, I often encouraged my clients to think and write "outside the box"-- non cookie cutting letters-- this is a perfect example!!-- way to go-but remember, you also have to network to get pass the non-readers!!!

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The essential daily roundup of news and analysis read by everyone from senior bankers and traders to new recruits.