UBS or Credit Suisse, which is best? 9 charts

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If you have to work for a Swiss bank, which should it be? In the event that you're weighing up one top Swiss organization against another, you may want to reference the charts below from Bernstein analyst Chirantan Barua. Fundamentally, their message is clear: UBS is best.

1. Credit Suisse is far more reliant upon its investment bank than UBS

UBS vs Credit Suisse

2. But UBS's private bank is a far bigger player than Credit Suisse's...

UBS vs, Credit Suisse

3. UBS has wisely prioritized its equities business compared to banks as a whole...

UBS investment bank vs market

4. This might be why returns at UBS's investment bank are over 2x higher than at Credit Suisse's...

UBS and Credit Suisse RoE

5. Then again, Credit Suisse has a far higher share of fixed income sales and trading...

UBS FICC market share

6. Even though UBS has skewed its IB towards equities, Credit Suisse is also a bigger player than UBS here (although CS has been rapidly losing market share in equity capital markets (ECM))... 

UBs equities market share

7. And... Credit Suisse is a bigger player than UBS in M&A...

UBS M&A market share

8. But Bernstein sees better growth potential for UBS's investment bank in future

UBS in the future

9. And, UBS is better capitalized than its Swiss rival...

UBS capitalized


Photo credit: Apples and pears by jurek d. is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

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