The accounting jobs in financial services with the biggest pay raises in the U.S.

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It's all about the Benjamins.

The focus on headcount cuts and shrinking pay in the financial sector has largely centred on investment banks and hedge funds, but what about accounting roles? Accountants and internal auditors are, after all, largely in demand even when the business is struggling elsewhere.

Focusing on finance and accounting jobs at financial services firms, financial analysts can expect the biggest uptick in base salary next year with a 4.1% increase, followed by accountants with three-to-five years of experience, product controllers with one-to-three years of experience and internal auditors, all of whom can expect 4% raises in 2017, according to the latest Robert Half Salary Survey.

“We’re seeing hiring and salary growth across sectors,” said Doug Rickart, vice president and division director of Robert Half Financial Services. “While hiring in some asset management firms is not growing at the same levels, even there, specialists in compliance, finance and accounting who have experience in reporting and internal controls are receiving above-average salary gains.”

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