This high frequency trading firm is looking new employees to "get hammered" every day

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Are you a team-player who thrives in a collegial environment and works every day to uphold the ethical standards demanded by the 'firm'? Great, but you probably won't fit in at high frequency trading firm Flow Traders.

Flow Traders is a publicly-listed high frequency trading firm based out in the Netherlands with 288 employees. Right now, it's looking for a "nerd with a personality" or, rather, several nerds with personalities to bulk up its tech team. Ed van Den Broek, a business analyst at the firm, has written a 'refreshingly honest' appeal for technologists in a post on LinkedIn.

"As an IT worker at Flow, you are generally treated like royalty. In return, the business wants its pound of flesh. You will be required to work harder, faster and smarter than you probably ever have. 

From our experience, the perks far outweigh the effort. If we do well, we pay well. We let you purchase whatever tools you need to help us generate P&L. We take you on holiday once a year.  We let you travel between offices. We feed you. We have an open bar. Our pool table needs a good clean, but nevertheless, we have a pool table. Basically, we do everything we can to make your life sweet. But you better deliver."

Just in case you were in any doubt that you'll a) have to be able to handle pressure or b) be expected to work hard, he continues:

"On a day to day basis, you will get hammered. The requests for assistance will fly at you from each and every direction, and you generally won't know what day it is or where the day went.  Naïvely, you will get out of bed in the morning and think "I'm going to work on this today". By the end of your shift, you'll be lucky if you even spent 10 minutes on it.  But you still need to deliver it.  So you’re going to have to work late. Again."

Has this piqued your competitive instincts? No, read on:

"Hopefully by now you've realized we're presenting you with a challenge. If you are truly competitive motherf*ck*r, you should really think about taking it.

If you like challenges, this is your place. You will be challenged on anything, everywhere, anytime. May it be business related, at the pool table, during workouts in our own gym or other competitions we join or create on a regular basis. Our life is about competition and we hate losing.

We never lose. We learn!" 

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