The head of UK rates sales just left Goldman Sachs

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Another senior fixed income salespeople has quietly disappeared from Goldman Sachs. This time, it's Roop Bhullar, who was the MD in charge of UK rates sales until last week. 

Goldman didn't comment on Bhullar's exit, although the switchboard confirmed his disappearance from Goldman's global system.

Bhullar had worked for Goldman since 2000 and was promoted to managing director in 2009. He caused consternation among his neighbours in 2014 when he applied to excavate the basement of his home in London's Clareville Street in order to fit a gym and home cinema.

Bhullar's exit follows a dismal performance for Goldman's fixed income business in the second quarter and the departure of his boss, Joseph Mauro in June. Goldman is in the process of shaking up its sales and trading business under Jim Esposito and has been accused of undertaking a secret restructuring in favour of equities trading (which didn't do too well in the second quarter either). Bhullar's next move is unclear. Rates traders did well in the second quarter, so he may be in demand elsewhere.


Photo: Martin Barraud/Getty Images

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