London bankers' Brexit jobs panic, a chart

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What's the first thing you do when you're worried about your job? You tweak your CV. The eFinancialCareers CV database suggests there was a lot of tweaking going on in London last week.

Witness the chart below, which shows the average number of London finance CVs updated weekly in early June compared to the average number of London CVs updated last week. Last week, CV tweaking was up 93% on the weekly average.

"There was a lot of twitching last week," says Christian Robbins at search firm Alpha Tradestone. "It was a time of extraordinary happenings and everyone was trying to take it on board. Now, it's a lot more like business as usual."

"This was a reflection of nerves," agrees Richard Hoar at recruitment firm Goodman Masson. "It's just people wanting to make sure they're going to be found and spotted when the right opportunities come along."

Hoar says opportunities are still coming along in London: "We've had quite a few new mandates across infrastructure, risk and finance. In the front office, most of the hiring is away from big banks."

Having tweaked their CVs to prepare for the worst, some London bankers may now want to sit tight. "We aren't seeing any more job applications than usual," says Hannah Glazier at recruitment firm Astbury Marsden. "If anything people are more inclined to stay put."

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