Credit Suisse's Gaël de Boissard embarks upon strange new career

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Remember Gaël de Boissard? - The ex-co-head of Credit Suisse's investment bank in EMEA whose wife has her own hair care range? Since De Boissard left Credit Suisse last December, all that we'd heard of him was that he'd been on a five month skiing trip to Greenland. Now that he's back from skiing, De Boissard claims to be doing something completely different: apparently, he's a commercial pilot.

De Boissard got his pilot's licence back in 2013 and was listed then on the 'prestigious' Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) database.   The FAA offers a variety of pilot licenses from student to recreational, to sport, private, commercial and - ultimately, airline transport pilot. As a commercial pilot, De Boissard therefore achieved the penultimate designation.

Whether he is in fact flying planes for money is doubtful, however. After 14 years at Credit Suisse and 11 years at J.P. Morgan, De Boissard has no real need to work again. Indeed, the 'skiing months' immediately after he left Credit Suisse were spent posting photos of mountainous places on Facebook, delighting in the fact that he was free of the City. Whether he'd really give this up for a new life in a cockpit seems open to question...

What Gael De Boissard did next:


Source: Facebook

Photo credit: Pilot by Thomas Hawk is licensed under CC BY 2.0.b

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