Top quant at Blackrock in San Francisco joins hedge fund Tudor Investments in London

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Tudor Investment Corporation is hiring in London again, this time poaching a U.S.-based quant from Blackrock as a portfolio manager on for its Systems Trading Group quant fund.

Christian Rolvung, a director in Blackrock’s Scientific Equities Team in San Francisco and Sydney, joined Tudor earlier this month after nearly ten years at the asset manager. He is the first person to join Tudor’s UK operation in 2016, according to the Financial Conduct Authority register.

In its latest available accounts to March 2015, Tudor’s UK operation posted a 60% decline in profits, but had nonetheless increased money management headcount by close to 40%. It has hired some senior banking traders – including Goldman Sachs MD Robert Gold – but some top staff have also departed including former professional poker player Lawrie Inman.

Rolvung has had a pretty interesting career. He started out as a strategy consultant at Mckinsey in Denmark in 1998, before moving to private banking start-up in the country.

He has a maths PhD from the University of Chicago, but went back to university in 2005 to study a Masters in Financial Engineering at Berkley. He then spent a short period at Goldman Sachs as a strategist before joining Blackrock in June 2006.

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