Economics, maths or the arts? The highest paying degree subjects for investment bankers

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In the happy, meritocratic world of investment banking, success depends not on which degree subject you studied at which university, but on the dedication and skill you demonstrate once you’re through the door. Maybe.

In fact, investment banks still recruit more economics, maths and finance graduates than any other subject area, simply because they tend to have the requisite knowledge for beating the competition.

What’s more, economics and maths graduates tend to earn more than employees with other degrees as they progress through the organisation. Economics and maths graduates earn median six figure salaries with five years’ experience, according to figures from salary benchmarking website This is at least £15k more than any other degree discipline.

Law and natural sciences graduates also do well, followed by those with humanities degrees. Media studies and marketing majors earn least in investment banking.

Meanwhile, staying in college to study a Masters appears to pay off – median salaries for Masters graduates were £98k, compared to £79k for those with an undergraduate degree. This is slightly more than MBAs, but those with PhDs earn vastly more in banking than any other degree type.

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