Morning Coffee: Unsuspecting 34 year-old Barclays trader paid far less than colleagues. Most Goldman Sachs employees are under 30

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It's every trader's worst nightmare. You're there on the floor, one of the bros, joking about owning your own little bar in the Greek islands where everyone can come and hang whilst drinking Ouzo cocktails, without ever realizing that everyone else is being paid way more than you.

Such appears to have been the unfortunate fate of Stylianos Contogoulas, the ex-Barclays rates trader accused of rigging the LIBOR rate who's become the latest to offer his testimony in the London trial. Bloomberg reports that Contogoulas, who was aged 34 at the time the alleged fraud was committed, was paid £140k ($204k) in 2005. Not bad, you might think - except that his considerably younger colleagues appeared to be earning considerably more.

As we pointed out previously, 26 year-old Barclays' trader Alex Pabon was paid $325k in 2005, while Ryan Reich, a then 25 year-old trader, earned $800k (£569k) two years later in 2007.

In Contogoulas' defence, it's possible that the £140k was just his bonus - the Guardian reports that he earned a £65k salary and a £140k bonus, taking his total to £205k ($299k). Even so, he looks underpaid compared to the younger traders on the desk.

Contogoulas may have been alert to his pecuniary disadvantage. - Maybe this was why he left for Merrill Lynch in 2006? Either way, things haven't worked out well: the Financial Times reported two years ago that he had run out of money to pay his legal fees. 

Separately, if you've ever thought that Goldman Sachs is full of under 30 year-olds. you're right. Yesterday, the firm retweeted a tweet from @FALiveEvents quoting Dina Powell, head of the Goldman Sachs Foundation. Powell reportedly said 65% of Goldman's employees are aged under 30...


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Photo credit: Barclays by Chris Price is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

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