FX sales director leaves Credit Suisse

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Ivan Dexeus, an FX sales director at Credit Suisse, and lead salesperson for the French speaking countries and Scandinavia, has left the bank.

Dexeus departed Credit Suisse last month after working there for eight years. He joined from Goldman Sachs in 2008 as the Swiss bank raided rivals in an effort to increase its client footprint in Europe. Dexeus was hired by then-head of global FX sales and distribution Martin Wiedmann. Wiedmann left Credit Suisse in 2012 and now holds a portfolio of non-executive positions.

It's not clear whether Dexeus's departure is linked to Credit Suisse's plan to cut additional costs from its trading business or whether he's left for a role elsewhere.

“FX is one of those areas at all banks that has been less affected by cost cutting," says one London headhunter. "But then it was fairly well trimmed down anyway.”

Credit Suisse cleared out the entirety of its macro sales unit in November 2015. One of them, Philip Valori, a VP at Credit Suisse and former sales trader at Brevan Howard and senior associate at Morgan Stanley, is now running a company called 'JustSeats' from a farm in Norfolk. Another, Philippe Katz, simply describes himself as "contemplating". 

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