Citadel still hiring from Goldman Sachs and elsewhere in London

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Citadel is still hiring for its London office. New additions to the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) register suggest the hedge fund is bringing in commodities traders, equities professionals and quants. And, it still has a penchant for people from Goldman. 

Sebastian Meznaric, a former Goldman associate, joined Citadel as a quantitative researcher in February. Joseph Mulholland, a former analyst on Goldman's consumer retail, real estate and healthcare team joined Citadel in March. As we reported previously, nearly 20% of Citadel's registered people in London are ex-Goldman Sachs.

Goldman isn't Citadel's only hunting ground. The fund is also continuing to build its London commodities trading business. In the past two months it's hired Tommy Grenier from Edesia Asset Management B.V. (formerly Louis Dreyfus Investment Group) and Philip Hawley, a senior trader from Shell. This follows various hires for the London commodities team last year. 

Ex-Goldman staff don't always stick at Citadel, however. Mateusz Stawarz, a former Goldman analyst who joined the firm as an associate covering European financials in the equities team in March 2015, left again one year later. Citadel has been building an equities business since this time last year, but the flow of people appears to move both ways.


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