A whole new reason not to leave Goldman Sachs for Google

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Are you thinking of leaving Goldman Sachs for Google? Don't. It's not just that by doing so you'll be making one of the worst career decisions of your life according to Joseph Mauro, Goldman partner and head of FICC EMEA sales, it's that by doing so you'll be giving up three whole days of annual holiday.

The new Fortune ranking of the 100 Best Companies to Work For is out. Google is 1st, Goldman Sachs is 51st (down from 50th last year). Goldman is the only bank on the list, which also includes Big Four accounting firms and Boston Consulting.

Guess what? - For all the talk about overwork in banking, Goldman Sachs' is one of the best places to work if you're a US 'knowledge worker' and you want to take a lot of holiday. Goldman staff get 31 days a year. Google: 28.

Fortune's figures also reveal that Goldman mostly employs white people: 62% of the firm's staff are Caucasian, with the remainder split between ethnic groups as per the chart below. Google didn't divulge diversity figures to Fortune, but its ethnic mix (for which it has been lambasted) is similar: 61% of its US employees are white. 

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