This Swiss bank pays a small fortune

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While Deutsche Bank and bonuses are delaying bonuses, perhaps fatally, one Swiss bank has set aside a small fortune to pay its staff for their efforts in 2015.

That bank is....Vontobel.

As an investigation into pay at Swiss banks by our German editor reveals, Vontobel pays very well indeed. Particularly if you work in its asset management division.

In fact, Vontobel's asset managers are paid, on average, not only more than investment bankers and asset managers at other Swiss banks, but more than investment bankers and asset managers everywhere.

So, how do you get to be a part of Vontobel's elite asset management group? Firstly, you'll probably need to be based in Switzerland. Vontobel Asset Management has offices in NYC and is growing in London (it's in the process of buying TwentyFour Asset Management), but 1,201 of Vontobel's total 1,493 staff are in its home country. Secondly, you'll need to be lucky: Vontobel's asset management division only employs 308 people in total. The good news, however, is that Vontobel Asset Management is growing - it hired nearly 50 people in 2015 and TwentyFour Asset Management says it's recruiting in London.


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