200 London bankers say their bonuses DOUBLED last year

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Did your bonus double last year? Oh. BAD LUCK, because 200 bankers in London says theirs did.

Such are the (amended) results to the latest bonus temperature-taking by pay benchmarking firm Emolument.com. 

Emolument asked London salespeople, traders, M&A bankers and capital markets professionals about their pay. Their responses are presented in the table below.

Needless to say, this is all a little 'unexpected'. It was our understanding that bonuses had most definitely fallen (or at best stayed the same). Emolument's new data suggests this is not so after all: on average, they seem to have doubled.

Except: statistical bias. Alice Leguay, co-founder and COO of Emolument, says this year's pay figures are based on a sample of 200 people, whereas last year's were based on a sample of 1000+. It looks like the people with the biggest bonuses (and those paid first by US banks) have been the quickest to crow about them: "We expect the bonus figures will fall as get more data," says Leguay.

In the circumstances, it's also surprising that quite so many of this year's respondents said they were unhappy with their bonuses. Maybe only triple last year's level would suffice?

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