Citadel hiring equities professionals from Goldman Sachs and Brevan Howard in London

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Looking for an equities-related job at a firm in London which attracts people from 'top-tier' institutions? You could do worse than applying to Citadel. It's a) hiring and b) hiring from some pretty impressive names.

Last year, our research suggests Citadel hired one person from Brevan Howard and at least three people from Goldman Sachs for its equities team. Lewis Hagedorn, a former Brevan Howard strategist, joined in December. Kieran Chopra joined in November from Goldman's FIG Group, Fredrik Windrup joined in June from Goldman's principal investments business, and Mateusz Stawarz, joined in March, also from Goldman's FIG group.

In total, there are at least 15 people working at Citadel in London who've worked at Goldman Sachs previously.  That's significant given that Citadel LLP only has 86 registered staff in the City according to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Citadel's still hiring in London 2016, albeit not from Goldman Sachs or Brevan Howard (yet). It just recruited Sam Livingstone as an associate in its global equities business. Livingstone previously worked for Schroders, where he was a research analyst on quantitative equity products until October 2015. More recently, he's been working for CFA UK.

Last October, Citadel launched a new 'stock picking unit', which it plans to expand to cover 10 trading teams managing around $1bn. 

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