Will Goldman Sachs employ Louis Bacon's other children too?

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Louis Bacon, 59 year-old founder of hedge fund Moore Capital Management ($15bn under management, net worth $17bn), is pretty fecund. Vanity Fair reported last year that Bacon has fathered seven children in total, four with his first wife and three with his current wife.

One of those children, also named Louis (but more commonly known as Dillon), has just turned up at Goldman Sachs in London.

The UK Financial Conduct Authority Register shows that Louis Dillon Ingraham Bacon become a registered employee at Goldman Sachs International on January 19. Financial News reports that Dillon is working as an analyst in IBD.

Family connections excepted, Dillon fulfills at least one of the criteria usually required of new hires at Goldman Sachs: he studied at a top school. Various reports indicate that he left Princeton in 2014. What he's been up to since then isn't totally unclear: his sparse LinkedIn profile is bereft of the usual array of internships (although he did, reportedly, complete an internship with a 'small financial firm in Buenos Aires' Argentina) and he's been neither registered previously with the FCA nor with FINRA.

What we do know for sure is that Dillon has been playing a lot of polo. He was one of the leading lights in last year's Yale-Princeton polo match, according to the Princeton Alumni Weekly. Here we learn too that, although Dillon's course officially finished in 2014, he couldn't actually graduate that year as he hadn't fulfilled Princton's language requirement, that, 'he’s a really chill, nice guy, but on the polo field he’s ferocious', that he has dual British-American nationality and was educated at an English boarding school, and that, 'his hair is medium-length and impeccable; he prefers house music but will let you choose other songs if you’re sharing a car'.

Goldman Sachs was clearly impressed. Thankfully for the firm, there are plenty of other Bacons in the pipeline.

Photo credit: San Diego Polo Club by Nathan Rupert is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

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