Why you don't want a new job in M&A now, by BCG

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People have been calling the top of the M&A recruitment market for sometime now. Back in August, seasoned recruiters in London pointed out that M&A teams were raiding law firms for staff and cautioned that this is the sort of thing that usually happens before things go pop.

Now Boston Consulting Group (BCG) has added its voice to the cautionary chorus.

During a presentation with J.P. Morgan in Frankfurt yesterday, BCG showcased the following slide. In historical terms, it suggests the European and US M&A markets are overheated. Previous periods of over-heating have been followed by a spell in the deep freeze. And when this happens, being the last person to join isn't usually a good idea.

M&A overheated

Photo credit: “Danger Cliff Edge” by Joe Goldberg is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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