11 banks and finance firms that have definite hiring plans for 2016

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If you're looking for a finance job in 2016, you might be of the opinion that you'll need to turn a lot of stones to find one.

That might be the case if you're a long-dated rates trader. Nonetheless, some places have indicated that they have solid hiring plans for early next year - fixed income desks included. We've listed them below.

1. William Blair in London: M&A bankers

William Blair, the US asset management, investment banking and brokerage firm, has got an office in London. And it wants some more staff for it.

Matthew Gooch, a senior banker in William Blair's London office, told Financial News that the bank wants to hire bankers to cover the services sector, Scandinavia and Spain.

2. Nomura in NYC: M&A bankers 

Nomura is looking for M&A bankers on the other side of the Atlantic. In early December, the Japanese bank announced its intention add 'around 20 M&A bankers' in the US next year. Consumer and technology bankers will be its priority.

The New York Times says the Japanese bank has space to increase headcount in its midtown Manhattan office by a further 50%.

3. Mizuho International in London: Derivative traders

Mizuho has also let it know that its hiring. Christian Heiberg, head of fixed income trading at the bank told Financial News he's looking for derivatives traders and that Mizuho, "might be one of the only growth stories” for next year. Don't get too excited though - earlier Heiberg told us he'd be recruiting five or six people max.

4. Citic Securities in London: Credit traders

Chinese bank Citic Securities is hiring trading too. In early December, it said it had launched a trading desk in London, focused on Asian credit and offshore yuan bonds for clients in Europe and the UK.

Don't expect any crazy hiring though: Citi described its London desk as a "prudent and carefully paced expansion.'

5. J.P. Morgan everywhere: M&A 

J.P. Morgan wants M&A bankers next year. Daniel Pinto, head of the corporate and investment bank at J.P.M, said in December that he was in the midst of “executing a very aggressive plan to hire senior bankers in select areas,” and that the bank will be hiring "dozens" of MDs in 2016.

6.  Credit Suisse in EMEA: M&A 

Credit Suisse wants M&A bankers too.  Marisa Drew, Credit Suisse’s co-head investment banking in Europe, said in December that the bank plans to recruit “between five and 10 managing directors in Europe in the near term”. The focus will be FIG and Industrials bankers in the UK and Germany.

7. Amherst Pierpont Securities in NYC: Credit sales 

Fixed income dealer Amherst Securities is building out its bond business according to Bloomberg. It hasn't declared any precise hiring plans, but it has said that it plans to “take advantage of current market opportunities” and has been hiring opportunistically as senior credit professionals leave large banks.

8. Centerview Partners in London: M&A

Ok, Centerview Partners, the unusually high paying US M&A boutique hasn't explicitly spelled out its hiring plans either. However, it is doubling the size of its London premises and could be in need of more people after increasing its revenues by 78% in the last financial year.

9. Byron Trott's financial advisory firm in London: M&A

Warren Buffett's favourite investment banker is landing in London in 2016. Byron Trott is reportedly opening a City office for his advisory firm, BDT Capital Partners. Its purpose will reportedly be to, 'help billionaires look for better ways of earning a return than simply handing their cash to family offices or fund managers, by advising them on M&A deals and other investments.'

Trott is reportedly looking for 'a senior and seasoned dealmaker who has strong relationships with high net worth individuals across Western Europe, to lead the London office.' Once he's hired the leader, we assume he'll need some followers too.

10. Russian brokerage BCS in London and the US: Electronic trading professionals, equities 

Russian brokerage firm BCS Global Markets may also be hiring next year. The firm hired Bradley Duke from Knight Capital in late November. Admittedly, the firm hasn't declared any precise hiring intentions, but it has said that it's expanding and that now's the right time to be pushing into the US market in particular.

11. Citadel Securities in London: Fixed income traders

Lastly, Citadel is building a European fixed income market making business covering swaps and treasuries. Ultimately, it's expected to house 30-40 people. If you're let go from Credit Suisse, Deutsche or Morgan Stanley, you now know where to send your CV.

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