The weirdest chair at J.P. Morgan

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In this era of post-industrial capitalism and advanced screen time, office seating arrangements have become fundamental requirements under Maslow's hierarchy: if you don't have a decent office chair, your most important physiological needs haven't been met. Weird chair

Source: Business Insider

In light of this, it's worth highlighting the chair choice of an unnamed individual at J.P. Morgan's office in London's Canary Wharf. Shown in the photograph below, it features in Business Insider's photo diary of an equity sales intern at the bank.

Someone at J.P. Morgan sits on that all day.

Why? Apparently it's 'recommended by orthopedic specialists,' "relieves pressure on the intervertebral disks," and "reduces upward pressure". Such things are often popular among pregnant women.

Where can you get one? You can't: it's been discontinued. If you want to go for ball-seating, you'll now have to choose something like the 'sitness ball chair.'  Shown below, this looks like a microphone on legs.

Ball chair 2

Photo credit: Dogan Kokdemir

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