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Banks already lining up big hires for 2016. What you should know about Goldman's female MDs

Do you have a new job lined up for 2016? No? You're late. 43 days before the end of the year, and banks are already sorting out who'll join them in early January.

UBS, for example, has reportedly recruited four technology investment bankers. Paul Crisci, Jason Auerbach, Jasson Cohen and Chris Montgomery, will all join the Swiss bank's San Francisco office from Jefferies sometime in the first quarter. They have, we suppose, been very well compensated for the bonuses they're leaving behind.

Despite the lateness of the year, Nomura has also been doing some hiring. The New York Times says the Japanese bank has space to increase headcount in its midtown Manhattan office by a further 50%For starters, it's already hired six senior bankers across equity capital markets, leveraged finance, and industrials M&A. Admittedly, most of them are already in situ, but the most senior - Mark Connelly, Nomura's new head of ECM for the Americas - won't turn up until the end of November, which will coincide with the post-Thanksgiving wind-down and the pre-Christmas jollification, suggesting he might as well have joined in January anyway.

Separately, the Evening Standard was granted an interview with some of the new MDs at Goldman Sachs in London. We learn that they are, 'ultra-polished' and that there are, 'certainly no signs that they’ve spent the previous evening on the Bolly to toast their success. Hair is blow-dried; bodies gym-honed. Nobody touches the biscuits." They're also cosmopolitan (only two of the six are Britons), mothers, and occasionally married to fellow finance professionals. “It’s possible for both partners to have high-intensity jobs," says Latifa Tefridj-Gaillard, head of sales in Goldman's UK pension strategic group. "You just have to be very organised.”

Stock Sell-off At Goldman (FinancialMagazin) 

Look how many shares Goldman Sachs executives have sold since February (and how the women sold a lot less).

Gearing Up For Cuts At Barclays (Wall Street Journal) 

In a prelude to further redundancies, Barclays just made Mike Bagguley, former head of its macro division, chief operating officer of the investment bank.

Mike Bagguley's Remit  (Telegraph)

Tom King, CEO of Barclays' investment bank, says Bagguley will ensure, 'infrastructure functions are aligned and coordinated,' and 'provide the incremental senior leadership capacity to coordinate and deliver projects across the investment bank, front-to-back, that further accelerate our strategy in specific areas.”

FX Trouble at Barclays (Financial Times) 

Another $100m FX fine is coming for Barclays.

Unfair Dismissal At Citi (Financial Times)

Court rules that Citigroup FX trader was unfairly dismissed.

Slow Fixed Income Market (Nasdaq) 

Head of Morgan Stanley's investment bank says fixed income markets are subdued.

Equities The Place To Be (Financial News)

Equities headcount is higher than fixed income headcount for the first time in five years.

Fintech Firm Shrinks (Financial News) 

Algomi, a London-based start-up founded by ex-UBS bankers to help investment banks and asset managers trade in the fixed income markets, has made 10 people redundant.

Compliance Stress (Telegraph) 

People are scared to work in compliance for fear that they'll have to go to prison if colleagues break the law.

Pay Rise For Healthcare Bankers (Bloomberg) 

Healthcare bankers will get a 20% pay rise this year.

Career Reflections (The Tally)

What senior bankers really think about their careers. (The Tally)

Quote of the Day: 

"Being an entrepreneur is harder than running Merrill Lynch—and I should know, having run Merrill Lynch. It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done," Sallie Crawcheck on the perils of a start-up.

AUTHORSarah Butcher Global Editor

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